Amino Acid Cleansing Foam

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Capacity: 100ml

Unique mild cleansing formula suitable for all skin types.

Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate and Amino acid retain water in skin and improve skin defense. Functional Water Lily extract complex highly ease the discomfort from mechanical irritation (caused by shaving or rubbing) and chemical irritation (caused by cleaning products or other chemicals). It also protects skin from DNA damage caused by UVA. An everyday formula that cleans entirely without harming your skin.


  • Mild cleansing formula suitable for any skin type.
  • Cleansing formula is safe for use and can deeply cleanse the skin.
  • Rich in amino acids and water lily extract, to help the skin retain moisture and reduce the sensation of irritation after cleansing.


whitening cleanser
crystal hydrating mask
moisturizing makeup remover