Intensive Recovery Toner

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Capacity: 156ml

Quickly restores skin to healthy condition. Release and relieve stressed skin.

Help skin return to appropriate pH value and water level shortly after cleansing. Aqualance™ shows special regulatory mechanism to improve water retention capacity.
BacocalmineTM, an herbal extract from India Ayurveda, reduces and calm skin. Its excellent antioxidation cytoprotection properties make fragile skin healthy. Alcohol free formula with soothing complex provides skin comfortable and meticulous care.


  • Makes the skin return to appropriate pH level after use.
  • Alcohol free, suitable for extremely sensitive skin for long term use.
  • BacocalmineTM (indian ayurvedic herbal extracts) help soothe and relax the skin.


face serum for sensitive skin
face lotion for sensitive skin
anti aging moisturizing cream